"On Being Travelers" by John W. Carls

"On Being Travelers" by John W. Carls (with a lot of imput from Kim) covers "Tourist Trekking" in cities and countrysides - with Travel Tested ideas for Keeping the FUN in seeing the sites - on a budget!

Benefit from the things we learned the hard way...

Twenty years of travel know-how distilled onto 75 pages. From guiding tours to just seeing the world together, John and Kim have learned a lot about keeping their tourist trekking fun and inexpensive.

From traveling light, to eating well and dealing with the TSA, it's all here. Thinking about renting a car overseas? It's here. Worried about keeping yourself and all the items you brought along safe and secure while abroad? There are tips for that too. How to travel inexpensively -yep.

...Some of which Kim fought to keep out

An easy to read, humorous book that's a must for anyone thinking of doing a little tourist trekking. As John says, "We wrote this hoping to save others from making the mistakes we've made and we've made some doozies."

Read "On Being Travelers" and go see the world like you've always intended.

The trade paperback is only $6.50. The audio cd is also $6.50. Prices include shipping and handling via USPS to continental USA. Kindle Version is only $0.99!

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