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I'm the site photographer, one of the writers and the instigator - along with Kim, my friend, my wife and travel companion for almost 40 years. All of those years we've been traveling the world, guiding tours and enjoying our lives, our 2 sons and our grandchildren. We hadn't really realized how much we had learned about traveling. That is until we sat down and started putting it on paper. We've learned how to travel light, how to deal with jet lag and foreign currency.

We learned how to drive on the other side of the road and negotiate round-abouts and to travel on a budget. We found that many of the friends we toured with continued to travel on their own. We had taken the time to teach them how to travel. How to read train, bus and subway schedules. How to travel safely. How to travel with only a carry-on.

Now with "On Being Travelers", and our very small Travel Labs - you'll love the classrooms - we are happy to share all of our travel experience with you. Check out the blog posts and our lab dates. Learn how to travel and see the world. It's an amazing place.

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On Being Travelers
by John W. Carls

Not a Travel Guide
but a Guide to Travel!

We've made all the mistakes - not all of them are included - some of them will remain private forever, unlike Miss Hilton's.
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Jordan Carls' Blog

Two things you should know about me. First: I am in love with hiking, but I don't like trails. To me trails are a guide, a starting point. Whenever possible, I find a place where I can head out on my own.

And second: I started traveling on my own little adventures as soon as I figured out I could walk. My parents tell panic-stricken tales of my little adventures; finding out what was behind the swinging doors at the grocery store; investigating the meal choices of the family four tables down at the restaurant; discovering the inner secrets of clothes racks at Wal-Mart. I'm positive their first gray hairs came because of me.

Rest assured, I have improved my trekking abilities immensely since those first attempts... Looking back, I improved mainly because of those first attempts. I improved so much that I headed overseas on a 6 week solo trip to Italy to learn Italian. I was 16. That trip cemented my need for Trekking the world. Calvin, the verbose 6 year old from Calvin and Hobbes, sums up my need to travel quite well: "I must obey the inscrutable exhortations of my soul... My mandate also includes weird bugs."

Check back often here on my blog for advice, stories, and the latest exploits. Don't forget to take a look at John Carls' blog and our more detailed travel articles and the photography.

If you are like me and not terribly fond of regular "tours", try discovering the world for yourself. Let us show you how to get the most out of your trip. Our Tourist Trekking Travel Labs™ are a great learning experience, and we use classrooms that span the world. We'll help you learn the ins and outs of travel, not what to think about the where and why. That's your job! Have Fun!

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