When anyone hears the word "tour", the first thing that comes to mind are groups of 30 or 40 standing around a smiling guide holding a cute orange bicycle flag on a stick. They're right next to a shiney diesel bus waiting for instructions covering what to see here, when the bus leaves for the next site and what they're having for dinner. Not much interaction with the locals nor time to venture out on their own. Couldn't do it! Nope! Not even on a bet.

None of the tours we've hosted were ever like those. And now the tours we're offering aren't tours at all. They're Tourist Trekking Travel Labs - limited to 12 adults. These labs aren't like anything you had in highschool. Just wait till you see these classrooms! Roma, Firenze, Siena and Montepulciano. This years - 2012 - labs are in October. Airfares are down, the buses, subways and trains are no longer packed. The grapes and olives are being harvested. The weather is settled. All in all, a spectacular season in Italia.

Learn to Travel like a Pro with a Tourist Trekking Travel Lab

Here's How Our Labs Work

We'll help you prepare for your trip with videos, skype, emails and texting. You book your flights with our guidance. We'll meet you at Roma Fumicino Airport and head off as a group to Sienna. We'll suggest places and help you book rooms for your stay. You choose according to your budget. We'll suggest our favorite things to do and sites to see. Which we can do as a group, or if you want to head out on your own, we'll help. We will only be a phone call away.

In other words, you decide where to stay, where to eat, and what you most want to see. You pay your travel expenses as you travel, just like we do. It is, after all, your trip. We will be there to teach you how to do it all. Our goal is to give you the tools that will allow you to feel comfortable traveling anywhere on a budget. You'll find that the planning for your next trip will start soon after you get back home.

Tourist Trekking Travel Lab -vs- Traditional Tours  Learn to Travel on a Budget and Enjoy it.

Our Labs Fees

Labs are $965 per adult. Children under 13 are free. The per-person deposit is $350. Please see our Terms and Conditions for the refund policy and our policy concerning children. Special for Lab 1: If you agree to star in the video we will be filming, we will discount 25% off of the lab fee. We promise that our filming won't get in the way of your trip. We'll just be shooting still photos and videos.

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 Arrive RomeDepart RomeTour StatusReserve with PayPal
Lab 1Oct 1Oct 10Closed
Lab 2Oct 12Oct 21Closed
Lab 3Oct 23Nov 1Closed

The "Depart Rome" dates listed above don't have to be end of your time in Italia. You will have the skills necessary to continue your journey. And we will provide guidance and suggestions. Pompeii, the Amalfi Coast, Venice or the Chinqua Terra perhaps?

By booking a Lab and paying the deposit you agree to our Terms and Conditions:

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